Collection: Pencil Holders

Are you ready for a unique teacher gift? Then look no further. This listing is for one pencil dispenser and one 12 pack of pencils ready to gift to your favorite teacher. Beautiful addition to any classroom decor!

  • Custom Pencil Holder/Dispenser
  • Acrylic body with a pull-up stainless steel lid and tray
  • Pull-up dispenser that lifts pencils up when the lid is opened for easy access
  • Easy-to-load pencil dispenser 
  • Display it on your countertop to help you save space and keep your area neatly organized
  • 11 inches high by 3.25 inches in diameter
  • This is not a delicate item per say, but it will also likely crack or break if it is dropped. If it gets dropped and breaks or cracks that is not covered under the warranty.
  • Glitter colors may vary slightly depending on the availability