Collection: Wristlet Keychains

Never lose your keys with one of these beaded keychains. Silicone beaded keychains are a great way to keep your keys in one place with style! THESE ARE MADE WITH A NON-ELASTIC CORD BUT ARE LARGE ENOUGH TO SLIDE ON YOUR WRIST. (which makes them more durable). They are made with sturdy and durable 2mm nylon cord.

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Although our printed beads have passed all chemical testing requirements and are 100% non-toxic, there is the potential for the print to come off after extended or aggressive use. All are unique and can have slight imperfections.

Hand wash only with a damp cloth with warm water and mild dish soap. Air dry. DO NOT submerge hardware in water as it can rust. DO NOT submerge any wood in water as it can weaken the wood.

Beaded keychains are NOT A TOY. These were not made for baby teething toys or toddler toys. Small parts are choking hazards. The intended use of these are for keychains and bags. Do NOT let a child bite on these.