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Build-a-LIVE Beaded Item

Build-a-LIVE Beaded Item

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This is for custom beaded items that will be made on TikTok LIVE only according to our live schedule.

If your watching the Live right now and want to make a purchase, you're in the right place. Once you place your order come back to the Live and comment that you placed an order. 

Please leave a note of the beads color(s) and the focal bead that you want in the instructions box at checkout. You can choose up to four colors! Also specify any specifics if desired! I may have to order the specific items that you want if I don't have them in stock. Please provide your TikTok username in the instructions box. 


Beaded items are NOT A TOY. These were not made for baby teething toys or toddler toys. Small parts are choking hazards. The intended use of these are for keychains and bags. Do NOT let a child bite on these.

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